One of this summer’s trends are the wrap over dresses : long, short with or without sleeves but as long as it’s a wrap dress that’s all that matters. The Iole Blouse, one of the sewing patterns of our new spring/summer collection, reflect this trend.

Therefore we created a tutorial for you to transform the Iole blouse in a long or short wrap over dress.

Iole is a blouse with a crossover front bodice and butterfly sleeves. It features a back elastic casing and a front tie at the waist which lends a feminine look to the blouse. The shoulder seam is located toward the front, and the slight gathering there gives a little volume to the front. The sleeves are short and full, and the crossover may be adjusted by the tie front. Certainly a garment with a soft style and wide size range.

Transform Iole blouse in a dress is very easy for beginners too. Once you choose the size, according the size chart you can find in the instructions, first step is decide how much to lenghten your blouse.


A very important thing to know is that the front and back casing correspond at the waist line, so you have to mesure the lenght of your future dress starting from your waist line. This measure must be added starting of the lower line for the casing on the pattern to the new hem line.


Extend the grainline of the measure you wish, starting to the lower line of the casing. Draw a perpendicular line and extend it to the left and right of the grainline. This line represents the new hemline of the dress.

Copy on a tissu paper the original hemline of the blouse and the grainline for about 20/25 cm. Overlap the sheets and draw the original hemline and the grainline on the new hemline of the dress, pay attention to perfectly match the grainlines.

Draw the new side lines, connecting the new hemline to the lower line of the casing on the side.


Extend the center back line (grainline) of the measure you wish, starting to the lower line of the casing. ATTENTION IT MUST BE THE SAME MEASURE USED FOR THE FRONT.


Draw a perpendicular line and extend it towards the side. This line represents the new hemline of the dress.

Extend the side line of the blouse up to the new hemline, respecting the slope of this line.

Measure on the front piece the lenght of the side line starting to the lower casing line. Take good care that the back side line is of the same measure.

Draw the hemline using a french curve.

Now you have all the instructions to make you Iole wrap over dress, so get to work and express your creativity to show us your creation.


Have a look on this wonderful version of  Iole dress made from Sabine @point_barre on IG. We love this floral sleevless version, elegant and feminine. Thanks Sabine ♥

You can find the Iole sewing pattern or sewing kit on our boutique.

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